Sonic Comic Series Now Going To IDW

An announcement has been made that the Sonic series is going in a new direction, with IDW publishing!

While this is great news, nothing has been mentioned as to whether the original Freedom Fighter gang will show up in this new beginning. Sega and DiC are the original copyright holders of the original Freedom Fighters, so it is very possible! Stay tuned for more information as it comes in!

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    No Freedom Fighters please. They’re crappy and pointless characters that don’t fit the Sonic universe. It’s bad enough that Archie refused to retire them after all these years.

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      Gotta agree. Here’s hoping they just stick with the videogame characters this time.

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      I strongly disgree, and actually think they’re better characters than most of the game cast. Also, how are they pointless in the Archieverse? I think you and a lot of other people just don’t get these characters, but those of us who grew up with SatAM and the comics do, and would very much like to see them again. If not, I’m boycotting Sega products from now on…

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      Oh screw off purist.
      Pointless, look at segasonic shit head!
      Cream is pointless, as is Marine, Espio, Vector, Silver and the million other shit characters Sega created.

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        Does anyone want to sign my petition to try and preserve the comics’s/SATam’s characters for the future of the comics?

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