That Sonic Mega Drive Comic is Looking Real Good

Sonic Mega Drive Next Level cover header

Archie announced last February that they’d be releasing a one-shot classic Sonic comic called Sonic Mega Drive on July 6th, 2016. With the release date drawing closer we are now not only getting a closer look at the incredible art drawn for the comic, but also the announcement of a sequel!

The sequel is called Sonic Mega Drive – The Next Level, and will be released later this year. Not much is known about it, but it does again sport some fantastic cover art drawn by Tyson Hesse. Vincent Lovallo, the editor of the comic, said in an interview with IGN that the events of the comics will also feed into the regular Archie Sonic series.

IGN also asked if an ongoing Mega Drive comic series is possible, to which Lovallo answered “Absolutely. I think that if there is enough of a demand for it, there is a strong possibility that could come to light.” If you want to know more details, here’s the interview.

Be sure to take a look at the amazing work the team at Archie did with the previews of the first issue of Mega Drive and the cover art of The Next Level down below.

[Source: IGN]

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    Looks fantastic!!

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    Oh there is going to be a big demand for it. It’s about time we get a Sonic Comic Book series that is tied into the games more close than what we currently have (aside from Sonic The Comic from the UK).

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      Glad you brought up STC, I’m quite surprised why nobody mentioned it before, UK did this idea back in the early 90s, it’s the comic series I grew up with and judging from what I saw of the early issues of Archie and the manga over the internet I’m glad I grew up with the better comic series.

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    Wow I would buy this and buy it again!

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    This will probably get me a lot of negative comments but in all honesty the artwork in my opinion is just meh, it imitates the style used in the “rushed” scenes of the Sonic CD cutscsnes rather than the OVA or the better official artwork from the 90s.

    On a more positive attitude though it’s nice they’re releasing a sequel, classic Sonic and Amy were super adorable.

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      I’d say that maybe it’s inspired by the Sonic CD cutscenes, but I’d hardly say that it imitates it. It’s still Tyson Hesse’s own style, and personally I’d say it looks amazing.

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    It still looks better than anything official we’ve had in years (yes, I’m counting the Sonic Boom cartoon), but I find the cover art misleading. I thought that was the quality of artwork we’re getting in the comic itself. Don’t get me wrong, the actual art does its job I suppose, but the style was not quite what I was expecting. Also, is no one going to mention the Sonic 4 Badnik designs present in a Mega Drive series? That’s one of few things even Lost World nailed over Generations. Just saying… Cautiously optimistic, we’ll soon see if there’s any substance to it.

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    Phew, I hope I can find a place to order them internationally…

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    Why not try Deviantarts?,is a good place to post comics specialy about Sonic.

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    Your are a great Arthist

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