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September 2010

Game News

New Sonic 4 Trailer: Mad Gear

Tomorrow is October, the month of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Though it won’t be long before everyone and their avatar will have their own “HANDS-ON” opinion of the latest Sonic game, SEGA is priming the hype train with their latest trailer. Exclusive to Gamespot, the trailer showcases the penultimate level in the game, Mad Gear. Full of twists, turns, steam and (this is the craziest part) gears, it is sure to be the highlight of the game, even if takes more than a few cues from Metropolis Zone. But hey, who didn’t love every single badnik in that level? Right?

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: It’s potentially…


Retro Shopping Network: Sonic Snuggie

ON SALE TODAY on eBay, you can this tubular Sonic Snuggie.  The “Sonic The Hedgehog Throw Blanket With Sleeves Robe” will only be on sale for 2 more days, so act fast!  There are 4 available as of this posting!

Check out these dope features:

  • Pockets for easy access to a DS with Sonic Charonicles: The Dark Bruthahood, the best game ever!
  • Stay cozy while you browse DeviantArt and!
  • “This blanket was made for the classic fans, but we added modern elements, like sleeves, to not confuse new fans.  We think that this feature adds accessibility to the classic concept of blankets.” -Takashi Iizuka
  • Hood for hiding your face in shame while you play Sonic & the Black Knight!
  • Makes a great, economical fursuit, especially for those hit hard by the recession!
  • “Officially Licensed Product.”  Believe it!
  • VHS artifacts with every purchase!

Buy buy buy!  Now now now!

Miscellaneous, Sega Retro

An 8-Bit F-You

Remember the console wars?  Yeah, we do. We lived them.

It’s the early 1990s.  Your old NES is collecting dust, but there’s a new console on the market, the SEGA Genesis.  It was time to put that 8-bit machine to bed in order to get your Blast Processing on.  Sonic is lighting up your television and your NES has been packed away.  What would your NES be saying (or in this case, singing) to you at this time?  Well, let’s find out:

If you like this track, please support its creator, inversephase, at this link right here.  It’ll only set you back two quarters.

Damn you, Cee-Lo, and your catchy song!  It’s too good!


Parkour + Blue Paint = IRL Sonic

Our Sonic 4 thread is closed until the game releases, so some of the ones responsible for its lock have had to find something else to do.  Good to see that they’re getting outside.  Bad to see that this might cause me to wake up in a cold sweat tonight.

[Thanks to our friends at UK:Resistance]

Fan Works

Retro Tuesday: Depths of South Island

It’s time for Retro Tuesday again, duuuuUUUUuuuudes.  For rizzle. This week’s featured artist is an old standby when it comes to classic Sonic art (or pics of dinosaurs), gsilverfish.  Here’s a super cool concept that spins a new perspective on the original Sonic the Hedgehog. What if three of the levels went deeper and deeper into South Island?

Awesome.  See you next time for Retro Tuesday.

Game News

Sonic 4: Episode I Priced, Dated

Despite other sites reporting a lockdown on Sonic 4 discussion here, well, this certainly warrants coverage, no?

According to IGN, Sonic 4 is homing in to consoles as early as the early half of next month.

  • Apple’s iDevices will be the first to get the game on Oct. 7, though no price was confirmed at this time.
  • Next up, the Wii will receive the game on Oct. 11 for 1500 Nintendo fake money, translating to $15/£10 / €13/ AU$20.
  • PSN receives the game on Oct. 12 for $14.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 / AU$19.95
  • Xbox Live Arcade will see minecart goodness for 1200 monopoly dollar points on Oct. 13

Pricey? Surprised at how soon the game’s hitting? Sound off; don’t worry, your comments won’t actually be censored.

[Via Sonic Stadium]


New iPod Nano Modded Into Old Dreamcast VMU

iPod Nano 6th Gen inside Dreamcast VMU

Apple and Sega have had a pretty good relationship getting games onto the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Even Sonic 4 is going to run on their devices! For some people though that just isn’t quite integrated enough. A dedicated SEGA fan in Japan decided to take advantage of the new iPod Nano’s tiny-as-hell form factor and mod one of his old Dreamcast VMU’s to fit it inside. And boy is it a great looking fit. Is that picture up there not good enough? Well here’s a nice video to accompany it. Below the video, you’ll find the original page for the mod that has a slew of photos as well as a walk-through of how it was done in case you feel like doing this yourself. Continue Reading

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Monday Links: You’re Too Slow Edition

All right, Retro-ites(?), these are the Monday Links, where we recap the past week of Sonic Retro and SEGA happenings.  It was a pretty busy week, so head on down and start clickin’ to get over your case of “The Mondays.”

Sonic Retro News

SEGA/Sonic News

  • Ken Balough is now on the SEGA boards.  Ask him a question so that he can dodge it.  [SEGA Forums]
  • When he wasn’t talking about moving his TV or shooting tequila, Balough, in typical SEGA PR fashion, announced an announcement.  Sonic 4‘s release date and price will be revealed this week.  [The Sonic Stadium]
  • Then, he said that only the story for Episode II is set in stone.  Will our fan feedback be a factor?  [Cubed3]
  • As we linked before in our Balough article, Joystiq got the exclusive preview of Casino Night Streets Zone.  [Joystiq]

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