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Follow “Iizuka” on Twitter

I put a heavy emphasis on those quotation marks, because it isn’t really Iizuka.  A total champion of everything started this parody account back on August 12th and has been dishing out absolutely hilarious tweets since then.  If you have a sense of humor and/or really hate the director of Sonic Team, this account is one to follow.  Tweets cover Sonic Team’s ineptitude, batshit crazy design decisions and just some over-the-top PR that we’ve come to know and love from this man.  This is truly Takashi Iizuka as you’ve imagined him.

If you are the one behind this awesomeness, please step forward so I can give you a hi-five.

Check it out here and some of my personal favorites below:

‘Sonic Rush is such a great game with perfect level design, music and how you slow down when you roll. Sonic Rush really is What U Need.’

‘There is a purple recolor of Sonic in Sonic Colors. Instead of giving our fans all of the hard work in making their own, you can use ours!’

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is for the 2D fans, and Sonic Colors is for the 3D fans, which is why most of the game has 2D platforming.’

‘Sonic Team are the professionals at work here. Today we finished a WHOLE game of tag.’

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is designed around what made Sonic great to begin with. The speed and the story.’

‘Sonic Adventure 2’s story was based on my life. I was involved in a government conspiracy and they killed my grandfather in a space station.’

‘I crashed Yu Suzuki’s Ferrari so he took away all of my crayons again.’

‘We have to delay Shadow the Hedgehog 2 because the office accidentally spent all of the level design budget on Silly String again.’

Game Secrets

Three Sonic Heroes Tunes As You’ve Never Heard Them

We’ve all played Sonic Heroes at one point. I’m sure at that same point we all heard the music in the game too! What you may have not known is that more than one Sonic Heroes prototype has surfaced to the net at some point. The differences ranged from minor to relatively major, but one part of the game in particular that recieved some interesting changes were the music. Now if you know me, you know this is totally my thing, and I was pretty excited by some of the changes I heard. Here are three of the tracks I found the most interesting of them all.
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