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Real Internet Heroes: NicoNico’s “まっくろくろいの”

So, I was browsing NicoNicoDouga earlier today looking for some specific footage that I ultimately was not able to find. That’s OK, though.

What I did find was much more awesome.

NicoNico user まっくろくろいの has made a series of videos involving Sega hardware and puns, which, of course, require hardware modifications to fulfill. The Saturn mouse becomes…a mouse. Saturns attempt to fly. Sense fails to be made.

You can catch several more of these videos uploaded to YouTube here or, if you have a NicoNico account, can see the full set here.

Fan Works

A Retro Renaissance

“The Creation of Metal Sonic” by Nerkin.  Absolutely incredible:

It’s so… retro.  Definitely put a smile on my face.  For those who are unaware of what this picture is referencing, check it.  I really hope that you don’t have to click that link, though.  That’d be sad.