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I always have fun reminiscing about good times with old friends. Tonight is one of those special nights where I stumbled around on that wide, worldly web called the Internet, in search of ancient Sonic the Hedgehog fan websites/webrings to talk about. A specific website of old,, was something I wanted to share. As with all good things, it has seen it’s end. Removing the dash, however, has brought my attention to something… very special, and I wanted to share it with you all. Ladies and gentleman, straight from Nagoya, Japan, where anything can happen:

Yes, this is a real place. However, people in the video are speaking Portuguese, because the club decided to have a Portuguese-themed night, I guess! If you look closely, you might see Sonic Team doing lines of cocaine off of Sonic’s quills.

Game News

GameStop Handing Out Sonic CD On Tablets?

Retro member RGamer2009 snapped this picture at his local GameStop and certainly has all of us confused.  He noted:

It seems that GameStop has gotten ahold of the game on their tablets in the store. They said it should be out NOW according to it being on their tablets.

Not only that, but apparently they had the game on a tablet IN THE STORE. I could not play it, as they weren’t set up yet. The tablets were in the back.

For those of you not aware, GameStop will be throwing its hat in the tablet ring this Friday with a line of gaming-centric Android devices. Madden NFL and Dead Space will be included on the tablets, but this image and RGamer2009’s words indicate that Sonic CD will be there, too.  The problem is that Sonic CD isn’t currently available and hasn’t had a release date formally announced.

If what RGamer2009 says holds up to be true, then it’s a great move by GameStop to help move yet another line of tablets. Go away, tablets.


The Latest in Facepalm: Sonic Burlesque Show

Want to know how to use your first 20 posts at Sonic Retro? Post things like this, obviously. Trial Member MrTrent has posted a video of a Sonic-centric burlesque routine by “Ginger La Rouge.”  Watch as she sexily(?) struts out to Dr. Robotnik’s theme in Sonic 2 and shakes her cans to MrTrent’s arrangement of Casino Night Zone.  Oh, and there’s a gold hula-hoop there, too.  Why is this happening?

We’ve embedded the video past the jump.  The video is not safe for work (and probably mind, too).  You have been warned.

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