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Watch Sonic 3 & Knuckles Get Destroyed In 27 Minutes

Tool Assisted Speedruns, or TAS, are quite a fun thing to see. Taking advantage of the very coding of the game, players are able to perform some incredibly hilarious and insane tricks to blaze through games. So when it comes to Sonic 3, a game most of us still hold highly as the pinnacle of Sonic, being burned right through in a staggering time of 26’53”, you know things are going to get interesting.

Using our own disassembly of the game, runners Aglar and marzojr performed a run that resulted in a three-minute time improvement over the previous record set four years ago, and the first time in seven years the two ran through the whole game in such a manner. The video above features a modification that keeps Sonic on screen at all times, even when not on camera, so we can see what sort of nonsense he’s up to. A video without Sonic being omnipresent can be found here.

The authors published commentaries on the run can be found here as well, detailing the parameters of their run. If you’re hungry for something a little more insane, look below for a Hyper Sonic version of the run.

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A Speed Run Unlike Any Other

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Tool Assisted Speedruns of your favorite video games.  I’m sure you’ve also seen a speedrun and have tried to duplicate it yourself in game.  Well, thanks to a YouTube user named “Sega Atlas,” you can map out your plan of attack in a whole new way.

Taking a speedrun video from TASVideos and a level map, Sega Atlas allows you to view the level in all of its zoomed-out glory while seeing how the speedrunner cleared the level so quickly.  I know that Mr. Atlas has no control over it, but I chuckled at how the HUD moves along with Sonic.  If you’re out there, man, come on over and tell us how you made this video.  We’re highly interested.

Thanks to resident bro Commadoo for linking this video in the forums.