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Sonic Retro Super Bowl Halftime Show

Fudge the Black Eyed Peas.  Sonic Retro is the place to be for your Super Bowl halftime entertainment.  Here’s a trio of stupid videos (I guesstimated when halftime would start when I set this to publish earlier, so if it’s early/late, uh… suck it).

The Sonic 19th Birthday Contest was the best contest ever because people got on YouTube and made asses out of themselves for a chance to go to Japan and live out their weeaboo fantasies.  This bro got pumped up one Naturday and beat the shit out of his friends dressed as Sonic, nullifying the muscles he worked so hard to achieve.  How did this guy’s other bro friends not punk him out in this video?  TFM.

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Sonic Retro Podcast #3.5 – Sonic 4 Super Bowl Special!

In a spur of the moment decision, the Sonic Retro podcast crew decided to get together last Saturday for a Sonic Retro podcast special focusing around discussion of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Participants this time around include Tweaker, InstantSonic, Spexfox, JackSkellinghog, Slingerland, Aquaslash, Katzu Niku, and David the Lurker. We’re a bit late for making the Super Bowl, but Instant was a bit sick and needed to eat more RINGS.

A bit of a heads up–this one is a bit longer than the most, clocking in at about two hours. Also, my sound quality sucks this time around for no good reason. Sorry about that! Hopefully you enjoy our extensive coverage of the things on the table right now when it comes to Sonic 4; we tried to cover as many elements of the game as possible, though an obvious classic bias would be expected from Sonic Retro. ;P