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Sonic Nexus OST Released as “Nexus Genesis” via Ubiktune

hunty_nexusgenesisHi, it’s been a while. I haven’t been around the Sonic scene in years because, like… do I really need an explanation?

I am back today to promote an album of Genesis chiptunes that, at one time, was the soundtrack for my Sonic fangame, Sonic Nexus. You remember that game, don’t you? For the low cost of $7, you can enjoy 21 original FM tunes and own a part of a game that almost was, but then suddenly wasn’t.  The game’s composer (and one of my best friends), Hunter Bridges, has been doing a bit of press on the lead up to the release on sites, like Medium, if you’d like to read about the history of the project and his soundtrack from his perspective.

A series of fortunate events in the professional lives of The Taxman, Hunter, and myself ended the Nexus project, so it brings us all a lot of happiness and closure to see something from the game get released, despite having long-since moved on.

It’s a great album, so I hope you guys give it a listen.



4 Life.

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Monday Links: Winter’s Last Stand Edition

If you live in the Midwest, you were probably shocked to see more effing snow outside when you woke up this morning.  With spring on the horizon, winter is doing whatever it can before its time is up.  Oh, and there’s still nothing going on in Sonicland, but we do have a ton of fangame news.

Sonic Retro News

  • It’s on the forums, so I might as well post it here.  If you want to know about what happened to Retro-Sonic, Sonic XG and Sonic Nexus, go to this website and stop pounding my inbox. [RSN Development Blog]
  • Xaklse just released preview build 4 of his SonicGDK engine.  Go try it out and give him some feedback, suckas. [SonicGDK Thread]
  • My Russian bro, Felik, released a multiplayer demo of his fangame, Sonic Fusion, over the weekend.  Also go try it out and give him some feedback, suckas. [Sonic Fusion Thread]
  • YEARS after its release, the secret level in a classic fangame, Sonic Chaos Revolution by Magicgrafx, has been opened up by Retro member ValleyBell. [SCR Hacked]
  • Check out video, screens and models to P3DRO’s official-looking project, Sonic the Hedgehog (formerly Henceforth). [StH Fangame Thread]
  • New member princeofknaves releases some long lost Sonic Heroes tech, which helped find the aforementioned test levels in Shadow the Hedgehog. [Sonic Heroes Tech]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Irish indie rocker Big Monster Love likes to let his Sonic the Hedgehog fanaticism bleed into his work. [Warp Zoned]
  • Our friend at SEGA Europe, AAUK, is stepping down from his position.  Sonic Retro wishes him well in his future endeavors and hopes that he is able to check out all the consoles at his new job. [Sonic City Blognik]
  • With the devastation in Japan, there have been many release date delays at SEGA. [Examiner]
  • SEGA branches out into social media gaming with “SEGA Play! Baseball on Facebook.” [Inside Social Games]
  • 411mania lists out the franchises/games from SEGA’s past that they should resurrect.  My childhood memories are perfectly fine.  Don’t do it, SEGA. You’ll ruin them. [411mania]

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