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Monday Links: SoCal Hustle Edition

If you need travel help, like transportation or picking the right hotel (downtown L.A. is full up), feel free to shoot me a PM or e-mail and I can direct you to available rooms.  I’m more than willing to assist you guys coming into town.  It’s difficult to find a hotel with E3 and VGL happening in the same stretch as Sonic Boom.

Sonic Retro News

  • The “Sonic Boom” ticket allotment for both Sonic Retro and Sonic Stadium is sold out, but I will be making a handful more available later today/tomorrow.  I’ve been given more tickets, but I have a wait list from the first batch to get through before I open it up again.
  • A small update (with screenshots) for flamewing’s Sonic 2 Heroes hack. Menus and HUDs to check out. [Sonic 2 Heroes]
  • Tech Member MoDule has compiled a bugfix list for beginning hackers. When you’re creating your hacks, it’d be worthwhile to take a look at this guide and remove the bugs within the games. [MoDule’s Bugfix Guides]

SEGA/Sonic News

  • SEGA had 350 more tickets made available for Sonic Boom, but those also vanished within a few hours. This party is going to rule. [SEGA Blogs]
  • Golden Axe 3 and Streets of Rage 3 are now on iTunes. I’ve yet to play them, but I’d wager that they have emulation issues. [SEGA Blogs]
  • With AAUK’s departure from SEGA Europe, the Sonic City Blognik will no longer be in use, so you can remove it from your bookmarks. [Sonic Wrecks]
  • Sonic rides a horse and the fantasy events get way awesome in the upcoming Olympics title. [Nintendo Life]
  • Sonic graphic novels are on the way. So is my apathy. My interest in the comics is totally dependent on David’s awesome rant articles on them. [Publishers Weekly]
  • Sega Sammy Holdings doubled their profits for this past fiscal year. [Gamasutra]
  • We’ve all made our displeasure known about SEGA’s 16-bit compilations and SEGA-16’s Ken Horowitz feels the same way. He wrote an excellent article earlier this month, noting that 79% of the latest compilation is recycled from previous compilations. [SEGA-16]

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