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Monday Links: Hit ‘Em High Edition

Thanks to SS for covering for me last week.  I was in meetings all day.  I’m putting these up during my lunch break, so apologies for typos, etc.  Just let me know in the comments if something needs to be fixed.

Sonic Retro News

  • Twimfy snapped some pics of Korean versions of the classic games.  The Sonic 1 boxart is pretty neat with all the poses surrounding the larger art. [Alt Box Art Thread]
  • Coinciding with the Game Gear announcement from last week, we’ve got some Sonic Chaos hacking goin’ down. [Sonic Chaos Hacking Thread]
  • Also, try Ravenfreak’s Sonic Chaos hack where the right button is always being pressed.  Hard stuff, man. [Random Hack/Mini-Project Thread]
  • Sonic 1: Upside Down is exactly what it sounds like. Also hard (especially the Special Stages). [Random Hack/Mini-Project Thread]
  • Four years after the S&K disassembly hit the web, the split disassembly has arrived.  Get it here. [S&K Split Disassembly]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Here’s an article that I want everybody to read.  It’s about how the design of Sonicnever worked to begin with.  While I personally disagree with everything Tevis here has to say, it’s always cool to read another perspective, especially when that perspective never has once crossed you or your friends’ minds.  A well-written read. [tevis thompson: “Sonic and Tension”]
  • Learn how to beat the worst stage in Sonic Colors, Terminal Velocity.  I’m falling asleep already. [SEGA Blogs]
  • SEGA will be publishing another Marvel movie tie-in.  What’s the over/under on how horrible it’ll be (use Iron Man 1 & 2 as a guide)? [SEGA Blogs]
  • SEGA is “tight lipped” when it comes to Sonic Anniversary.  I’m only posting this article because we all know it’ll leak soon anyway. [CVG]
  • Pizza Hut and SEGA team up to equip you with pizza weapons in Phantasy Star Portable 2. [Siliconera]
  • PCWorld gave a shout-out to SEGA’s 3D glasses from 1988. [PC World]

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