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Late Night Poll: Super Sonic Racing (With Shoulder Buttons)

So, we were having a little discussion in a group chat that turned into a stunning realization for a lot of people. I was wrapping up my Colors review and wanted to ask the group their opinion on a comment I’m planning on making regarding how Sonic has controlled in 3D. I brought up Sonic R and mentioned how the shoulder buttons can help you make tight turns.  Then, everybody was like, “YOU CAN DO THAT?”  Bartman and I were shocked that a majority of people in the chat didn’t know about them.  Scarred Sun asked me to put this question up here to find out how many more people didn’t know that the shoulder/flipper buttons help you turn in that clunky mess of a racing game.

If the majority answer is “no,” then we’re all about surprising realizations lately.  For example, Taxman made a comment last week regarding rolling in the classic games that came as a surprise to some Retro members and I was surprised they didn’t already know that, considering how the members of this site know the ins-and-outs of just about everything.  There’s also that whole chestnut in the classic games where holding a direction while rolling does absolutely nothing, which is why we all thought it was weird when people came to Sonic 4′s defense about them “always holding the direction anyway.”  When you realized that holding a direction while rolling did nothing, you could just let go of the D-pad.  It gives your thumbs a nice rest and you get the same result!

Anyway, answer the question and check the jump for the full chat log of the conversation.  This poll is all in good fun (like most things here), so take off your serious pants.

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