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Monday Links: SoCal Hustle Edition

If you need travel help, like transportation or picking the right hotel (downtown L.A. is full up), feel free to shoot me a PM or e-mail and I can direct you to available rooms.  I’m more than willing to assist you guys coming into town.  It’s difficult to find a hotel with E3 and VGL happening in the same stretch as Sonic Boom.

Sonic Retro News

  • The “Sonic Boom” ticket allotment for both Sonic Retro and Sonic Stadium is sold out, but I will be making a handful more available later today/tomorrow.  I’ve been given more tickets, but I have a wait list from the first batch to get through before I open it up again.
  • A small update (with screenshots) for flamewing’s Sonic 2 Heroes hack. Menus and HUDs to check out. [Sonic 2 Heroes]
  • Tech Member MoDule has compiled a bugfix list for beginning hackers. When you’re creating your hacks, it’d be worthwhile to take a look at this guide and remove the bugs within the games. [MoDule’s Bugfix Guides]

SEGA/Sonic News

  • SEGA had 350 more tickets made available for Sonic Boom, but those also vanished within a few hours. This party is going to rule. [SEGA Blogs]
  • Golden Axe 3 and Streets of Rage 3 are now on iTunes. I’ve yet to play them, but I’d wager that they have emulation issues. [SEGA Blogs]
  • With AAUK’s departure from SEGA Europe, the Sonic City Blognik will no longer be in use, so you can remove it from your bookmarks. [Sonic Wrecks]
  • Sonic rides a horse and the fantasy events get way awesome in the upcoming Olympics title. [Nintendo Life]
  • Sonic graphic novels are on the way. So is my apathy. My interest in the comics is totally dependent on David’s awesome rant articles on them. [Publishers Weekly]
  • Sega Sammy Holdings doubled their profits for this past fiscal year. [Gamasutra]
  • We’ve all made our displeasure known about SEGA’s 16-bit compilations and SEGA-16’s Ken Horowitz feels the same way. He wrote an excellent article earlier this month, noting that 79% of the latest compilation is recycled from previous compilations. [SEGA-16]

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Game News

Sonic Colors Sends Sega Into The Black

Players agree: the colors felt so right.

Despite some rather mixed reviews across the Internet, that was not enough to deter sales of Sonic Colors. The title took off and never looked back, selling 1.87 million titles combined for the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

On the financial side, Sega Sammy posted sales of ¥310.1 billion ($3.77 billion), up nearly nine percent year-over-year, for its first three quarters. The company’s profits, however, were through the roof, as net income more than doubled to ¥36.82 billion ($448 million) thanks in part to strong sales of pachinko machines.

However, results were mixed in the consumer business division, which includes the home console video game division, as sales were down more than 19 percent to ¥66.9 billion ($814 million). Operating profits for the division still ignored the slip, doubling to reach ¥2.8 billion ($34 million)

Other top sellers for the company included Platinum Games’ shooter Vanquish, selling 820,000 copies between both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Football Manager 2011, at 690,000 copies sold on the PC and PSP in Europe and the U.S. alone.

Game News, Site News

Monday Links: Cry Some More Edition

Sonic Retro News

  • I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.  Feel free to post your costumes in the comments below.
  • If you didn’t know already, there’s a Mac version of the Sonic Fan Remix demo.  [SFR Mac Demo]
  • The Evil Alliance of Sonic Fansites brings you the first look at the new Sonic voice actors in Sonic Colo(u)rs. [Sonic and Tails Speak!]
  • We’ve got one more bracket in to go in the Retro Refund Program.  Head to the post below to vote.  Finals are on Thursday!  [Brackets 4 & 5]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Early reviews Sonic Colo(u)rs are coming in and they are even more glowing the initial Sonic 4 reviews.  The difference here is that they will probably stay that high after release.  [SEGA Forums]
  • SEGA is holding a community event in San Francisco on November 12th.  There will be some fun PSP tournaments, but the main attraction is the feedback session on Sonic 4: Episode 1I will be attending on behalf of Sonic Stadium.  Please check them out for my report.  [SOA Blog]
  • IGN got the first Sonic Free Riders review.  7.5/10.  [IGN]
  • Sega Sammy propelled into the black during this last financial quarter.  Great news for the House of Sonic.  [GameSpot]

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