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Some of SEGA’s PSP Games Get Permanent Price Cuts on PSN (US Only)


SEGA has sliced the prices of some of their old PSP games on PSN permanently. Here’s a list of the games with their original and slashed prices:

Alien Syndrome: $9.99………$4.99
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars$9.99………$4.99
Crush: $9.99………$6.99
Sonic Rivals$9.99………$6.99
Sonic Rivals 2$9.99………$6.99
Super Monkey Ball Adventure: $9.99………$4.99
Valkyria Chronicles II$19.99………$9.99

These price cuts do not apply to Europe (at least not yet). Because these games are being sold on PSN they can also be played on the Playstation Vita.

[Source: SEGA Blog]


It’s All That White Water Rafting: SOA Community Event Video

As you can see by this picture, I had a camera at the 2010 SEGA of America Community Event. I’ve put together a video that’s exclusive to The Sonic Stadium’s podcast, The Sonic Show. If you want to go see it, head on over there.  WATCH us suck at Valkyria Chronicles. SEE Ken Balough meet his doppleganger, Ben Kalough.  LISTEN as we critique Sonic 4: Episode 1 at the feedback session.  OBSERVE as nobody loses their cool at the meeting, like you all assumed like d-bags.

It was a great time.  Watch the video here.

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Merry Christmas from Sega with PSN, Wii Savings

Sega announced that several of their items on the PlayStation Store are now on sale by 40% just in time for Christmas. The Sonic Unleashed packs, usually retailing for $2.99, are now only $1.99. For the six total content packs, that saves almost $6.00 total from the usual price. Of lesser note, the Sonic 2006 Very Hard stages are going for $1.49, down from $2.49. Gunstar Heroes, the PSN version of the Genesis/Mega Drive classic, is now pegged at $2.99. For Valkyria Chronicles, all three content packs are now priced at $2.99 each as well.

Also on the discount block are numerous downloadable PSP titles, which should be great news for those two of you that have the PSP-go. These include Alien Syndrome, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, Sega Rally Revo, Sega Genesis Collection, Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, Super Monkey Ball Adventure. All of these deals are good until Jan. 7th, 2010. No word if these deals will soon apply to other regions outside North America or if similar offers will be available for Xbox Live users. Che

Not to leave Wii owners out in the cold, Sega also announced ten virtual console titles are 40% off, the first time ever a sale has happened on Nintendo’s services. These include the first three Sonic titles, Gunstar Heroes, Toejam and Earl and other classics. All the titles are going for 400 Nintendo Points, or $4.00. The Virtual Console deals are valid until Jan. 6th, 2010

If you’ve been holding out on downloadable content, now may be the time to spring for them while the prices are down. No word if these deals will soon apply to other regions outside North America or if similar offers will be available for Xbox Live users. Check out the jump for the full prices and details.

Happy Holidays — The SEGA Mega Sale for PSN is on! (Official PlayStation Blog)
SEGA Mega Sale – 40% off Selected Virtual Console Games!

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