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Minecart: Resurrection

Sonic 4 hacking is already underway.  Believe it.

Retro techie Polygon Jim has put in the minecart back into Lost Labyrinth Act 2 after it was removed by SEGA following the PartnerNET leak.  The results of this hack are, well… incredibly weird.  Why the fuck did this hack happen?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it’s hilarious.

Join in the discussion at the appropriate thread. Speaking of hacking…

Game News

SoS 2010 – Sonic 4 Impressions

So the game that the vast majority of the SoS-goers were there to play was Sonic 4. Now, a few in the scene have already played it thanks to the leak but I’m willing to bet that most haven’t due to the J-Tag requirement, so for the vast majority at the show it was their first playthrough, it was certainly mine. And after the wait in the queue, the demo pods came within reach and I finally got to see if the internet butthurt over this simple downloadable video game had been warranted.

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