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Monday Links: Wha’Chu Know About Dat? Edition

For real. I’m as fast as lightning, bro.  You talkin’ like you know?  You don’t.

Sonic Retro News

Sonic/SEGA News

  • SEGA of America opened its doors to the public this past Friday.  Here are 3 reports on the event.  [Slingerland] [Moonshadow Caz] [Sammybeany]
  • Sonic Colours arrived in Europe last week.  Here’s the trailer.  [SEGA Europe Blog]
  • Destructoid’s resident loudmouth, Jim Sterling, got his Sonic Colors review copies from SEGA with an added bonus: a picture of him as a troll.  He lived up to it.  Apparently, “Sonic 4 is an improvement” and “Dimps is the A-team.”  You can’t make this shit up.  [Destructoid]
  • Checking in with Metacritic, the Wii version of Sonic Colors is on the verge of entering “average” territory at 78.  The DS version is faring better at 81.  [Wii] [DS]

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