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From block to block we snatchin hearts and jackin marks


Picture Me Rollin’ In Emerald Hill

Tupac ain’t dead.  He playin’ Sonic 2 with Suge Knight in my basement.  This photo popped up at Tinycartridge yesterday and it certainly is a moment in time.  Three pop culture icons in one photo: the legendary Tupac, Suge Knight (CEO of Death Row Records) and Sonic the Hedgehog in his prime.  I just want to know where they were captured playing Sonic 2‘s 2-player mode.  There’s some reporter and a bunch of plastic castles everywhere, so I guess he’s doing some charity work at, like, what… a hospital?  A play-place?  Come on, Tu, let dem kids play!  Dey terminally iiiilllllllll…

All I know is that if you’re wearing clothes like that and a gold watch on each wrist, you are not to be messed with.

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