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Cream Kills Everybody: A Dramatic Fanfic Reading

Our running crew at Sonic Retro usually hops on Skype once a day.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  A recent tradition at SAGE has been to get together and read incredibly awful fan-fiction with Dom of Rare Candy.  Back in 2008, this was the most ridiculous fan-fiction that we had read to date.  It still stands as one of the all-time greats.  H_Hog recently finished an animation on his DSi, a project two-years in the making, to accompany the audio.

Complete with Dom’s amazing musical talents, his Andross-inducing reverb and H_Hog’s Flipnote Studio animation, Sonic Retro presents… “Cream Kills Everybody: A SonicBlast08 Masterpiece.”  Warning: language and poorly-drawn gore.

Starring the voice talents of: Dom, H_Hog, Kroze, InstantSonic and Katzu Niku.  Stay tuned for more dramatic fan-fic readings.  Right, David?