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Sonic Fights Robotnik Chapter 7 Live Fan Fiction Read

In the tradition of Sonic Amateur Games Expo comes a fan fiction reading of the greatest Sonic story ever told by the greatest Sonic fan in existence, SonicFan. This year InstantSonic, Katzu Niku, GeneHF, Bartman3010, Overlord, OverlyEquipped, Neo Hazard and of course DavidTL bring you a live (Now pre-recorded on YouTube!) read of chapter 7 of Sonic Fights Robotnik!


Cream Kills Everybody: A Dramatic Fanfic Reading

Our running crew at Sonic Retro usually hops on Skype once a day.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  A recent tradition at SAGE has been to get together and read incredibly awful fan-fiction with Dom of Rare Candy.  Back in 2008, this was the most ridiculous fan-fiction that we had read to date.  It still stands as one of the all-time greats.  H_Hog recently finished an animation on his DSi, a project two-years in the making, to accompany the audio.

Complete with Dom’s amazing musical talents, his Andross-inducing reverb and H_Hog’s Flipnote Studio animation, Sonic Retro presents… “Cream Kills Everybody: A SonicBlast08 Masterpiece.”  Warning: language and poorly-drawn gore.

Starring the voice talents of: Dom, H_Hog, Kroze, InstantSonic and Katzu Niku.  Stay tuned for more dramatic fan-fic readings.  Right, David?