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Doo-Bop-DOW: Sonic 4 Jazz Scat Album Now Available

Today has finally come.

This two-disc set, lovingly crafted by Cinossu, contains every song and jingle found within the game.  Each track digitally remastered using the “jazz scat” sound set found on Roland keyboards.  This set is an experience that you don’t want to miss.

When crafting such a wonderful work of art, some liberties and changes have to be made to enhance the quality of the songs.  Cinossu details:

“For example, Mad Gear Zone Act 2 has a very weird chord-change after the intro. I changed this to match the intro more. Final Boss is a major change, with the second part original-ish, based on chords from the Final Boss music and the sequence from Boss Pinch.”

This album is 43-minutes and 74.8 MB of pure Sonic jazz bliss.  Download it today and we’ll include a Sonic Retro tote-bag at no additional cost to you.*

Official Website | Official Retro Thread

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