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SAGE 2016 Announced! Dates and Information!



After a long hiatus, SAGE is finally ready to make it’s triumphant return! This year’s SAGE will be held from October 15th through October 22nd, 2016. For more information regarding submissions, the deadline, and more, hit the jump below.

What is SAGE?

We’ve got a whole dang page on the Wiki with SAGE’s history here!

Why should I submit my work to SAGE?
SAGE is an online event specifically made for you to showcase your game-making and/or streaming talents! Make new acquaintances or friends, and to take part in a very creative side of the Sonic and indie gaming community! SAGE submissions are not exclusive to only Sonic the Hedgehog related content. If you have a project to show, submit it!

Submission Guidelines

Streaming Guidelines

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    To anyone who remembers Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew from the RAGE earlier this year, great, the dev of that game here 😛 planning on doing a full release at this SAGE with new characters, remade stages (making them more consistant graphical-style wise) with abunch of new stages too, and a challenge and arcade modes! Also game controller support, mainly for 360 controllers but it seems like anything alike those also work. Expect more loud annoying yelling from the characters.

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    Man, i want to make my own games and if i had the choice to make a fan game of my choice it’d be with a Sonic or Mario game, or maybe even a game using my OCs (oh so original and such a good idea :p) . But seriously. Once I get the know how and the applications, and equipment; I’m gonna submit a fan game to SAGE. It’s gonna be awesome.

    After playing gmaes like Spark the Jester, and Freedom Planet and looking at “before the sequel” and “after the sequel” and “Chrono Adventure” I feel super inspired.

    Good luck to everyone is all I can say.

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    Possibly a stupid question, but should participants from the delayed SAGE 2015 event (originally from December 18-24, // , but now in October) resubmit their entries for the new date? Did not receive a confirmation email or anything back in December, so not sure if they got my entry.

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    will they make a Sonic 2 at Sage romhack? (Like how they did with Sonic 1 and it had customizable music)

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