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Sonic 1 Launching On 3DS As A 3D Classic

3Dsonic1Another year, another insatiable urge for Sega to release a brand new iteration of Sonic 1. Launching May 15 in Japan, Sonic 1 joins Super Hang-On and Space Harrier as the first three 3D Classic Mega Drive remakes for the Nintendo 3DS. This is to commemorate the Mega Drive’s 25th Anniversary in Japan.

While this isn’t particularly thrilling news, and especially on the toes that Christian “The Taxman” Whitehead is at work on a Sonic 1 remake for Sega along with the Sonic Scene enigmatic man known as Stealth, the game will follow the line of other 3D Classic series titles on the 3DS that uses the system’s 3D features to add depth to the the game’s background.

As for what’s included in this particular version of Sonic 1, expect exciting new features such as the never-been-added-before Spin Dash Attack and special animations on Green Hill Zone’s clouds and Labyrinth Zone’s rippled water. Oh, and some nonsense about customizable controls and “CLASSIC” display mode, which makes the game look like you’re playing it right off a CRT TV running the Mega Drive via its RF Adapter.

For the audiophiles, a mode is also included to adjust the balance of  the PSG and FM audio. On top of that, players can choose Mega Drive 1 sounding balance or Mega Drive 2.

While the core Sonic 1 experience is still the same as ever, the added features for general Mega Drive 3D Classic remakes are actually pretty neat, and certainly better influenced than Nintendo’s own 3D Classic outings.

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