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Sonic Retro Featured in Gametrailers’ “Pop-Fiction: Sonic 2 Facts and Myths”

Gametrailers reads aloud the dictated words of the Sonic Retro wiki for the uninitiated. Yuji Naka, “creator of Sonic,” would be amazed. Now that’s a fact! Unfortunately, Simon Wai was unavailable for comment.

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    Why is the Gametrailer CMS asking me for a login?

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    Interesting. I like how they just didnt say: Oh yeah, Hidden Palace Zone is in there, see? But they actually tested it

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    It is very sad that so many people think Yuji Naka created Sonic. Sure, he programmed it, but everything concerning character design was Naoto Ohshima.

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    I really like the Pop Fiction series, so the fact that you got mentioned there is pretty cool.

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    At 3:30 in this video, does anyone else hear a couple of different notes in the Emerald Hill Zone music? Maybe it’s just me hearing it diffferently.

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      It’s the Hidden Palace Beta music playing in the background.

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