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UPDATED: Game Gear Titles To Hit Nintendo 3DS Store

UPDATE: We now know the first five Game Gear games that will launch with the 3DS’ shop service in May by way of a Sega press release. Those are Columns, Shinobi, Dragon Crystal, Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic Triple Trouble. No prices were disclosed. Thanks to TimmiT for the heads up!

ORIGINAL STORY: Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were obviously going to hit the download service to Nintendo’s latest handheld, but now SEGA will be plonking Game Gear titles on the service.  I would say that I’m surprised, but given SEGA’s track record of re-releasing everything on anything, I’m not.  Also, Turbografx and 3D-ified NES games will make their way to the service.

The first game they should release is Sonic: Triple Trouble.  That is not a request.  That game rules.

[via Kotaku]

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