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Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor Released

From the realm of “I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already” comes a handy and amazing editor from one of our new tech members, Flamewing.  The “Sonic 2 Special Stage” editor is the first known program to allow manipulation of the special stages from Sonic 2. The editor is cross-platform and allows you to edit the following:

  • Object placement (rings, bombs)
  • The half-pipe’s twists and turns (within Sonic 2 engine constraints)
  • Special Stage length
  • The number of Special Stages

However, when editing Special Stages, you cannot edit the background, palette or ring requirements.  If you want to manipulate those things, you need to edit the disassembly itself.  Yes, you need to use a split disassembly and not a straight-up Sonic 2 ROM.

I can’t wait for “Sonic 2 Special Stage Attack” ROM hacks to start popping up.

Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor Wiki Entry

Official Release Thread

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    Good stuff.

    I was actually hoping for the text stating it was for use with split disassemblies, and there it be! I bet a bunch of others were hoping otherwise.

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    mah boi, this editor is what all true sonic fan devs strive for!

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    Wow. That’s some pretty cool stuff. Nice work there, Flamewing.

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    Sonic 2 heroes can reach its super stages of development faster now

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    Now if only there were a Sonic 2 level editor…

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    must…. make…. monkey ball hack…. (or snowboard hack? xD)
    Would be alot of work editing the graphics I guess. But would be fun.
    I wonder if one could make this into a simple racer by making loops etc, hmm… probably not worth the effort heh.

    Gonna give this a try ASAP. :3

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    Can’t wait until someone removes all bombs, or places bombs EVERYWHERE, or better yet, removes all bombs and has all rings in a straight line.


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    Sonic 2 Special Stage 1-RING Challenge hack.

    You get one ring at the start. Your mission: reach the end without getting wasted by bombs. Bomb patterns become increasingly more complex.

    Whoever steals this idea: you’re welcome.

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    Alirght! Good work, Flamewing! I’m now going to be editing the speical stages for my uberhack! Tis a dream come true

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    I like where this is going, to speak the truth. Also, LOL at the “line of rings” idea.
    Personally, I’d like it if someone who did that would make it so that you have a bomb to avoid at the end which will ruin getting the Emerald at the end by THAT MUCH. (i.e. the bomb takes 10 rings away, so the target of total rings isn’t reached but only by a slim amount)

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