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Monday Links: Return of the Links, Now in HD Edition

Protip: if you use the word “haters,” you are an absolute tool.

Sonic Retro News

  • As you may have already noticed, the Sonic 2 HD countdown clock hit zero over the weekend.  Surprising everybody, including Retro administration, the alpha build wasn’t released.  We didn’t get a remake of Sonic 2 in HD, we got a remake of the Sonic 4 PR experience.  Jokes aside, what’s in the trailer and the trailer itself is quite nice. [Sonic 2 HD]
  • Another protip: if you’re using a site’s hosting and branding for your next project, you should probably let that site know what you’re doing to avoid making them look stupid (or just not do countdown clocks).  Then, you don’t have to apologize to everybody!  Good thing the everyman doesn’t give a shit what happens here internally, because… [Sonic 2 HD Thread]
  • …It’s getting a lot of positive press from the mainstream gaming media, as it should.  It’s effin’ Sonic 2[Kotaku] [Neoseeker]
  • Over the Christmas break, E-122-Psi unveiled a new hack: Vector in Sonic 1. [Vector in Sonic 1 Thread]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Dreamcast collection.  Oh boy. [SEGA Blogs]
  • Our friends at ScrewAttack tried to predict what this year’s gaming headlines will be. “Fans Ruin Sonic” comes in at #2, stating that since we didn’t like Sonic 4, SEGA will say “screw you, guys” and go back to whoring Sonic out.  Did you hear that guys?  Like everything because it has Sonic in it! Sonic 4 wasn’t whoring… nooooo… never. [GameTrailers]
  • Speaking of that turd, here’s a review sent in by reader “TheUltimate.”  This review for Sonic 4 reads like a giant troll and I can’t believe it’s genuine.  “But the new zone designs are gorgeous, too. The Lost Labyrinth, the Mad Gear, and Casino Street Zones display cleverness and imagination, both in terms of level design and visual touches.”  Haha, wow. [GameShark]
  • If you want your PS3 to look like hype and wasted potential, this new theme is coming tomorrow. [Sonic Stadium]

Other Stuff

  • Reminder: blow-up dolls are not suitable flotation devices. [Gawker]
  • Did anybody see Ricky Gervais just lay into people last night at the Golden Globes?  So incredible.  What used to be a snooze-fest of an award show is now must-see TV with him hosting.  Too bad that his merciless jokes will probably force the HFPA to find somebody else. [Yahoo!]
  • Christian Bale won a Golden Globe for his supporting role in “The Fighter” last night. Next year? He’s tackling Kermit. [The Daily What]

Monday Video

He is just so delightfully inappropriate. Can somebody tell me how “The Tourist” (sucks ass, by the way) is a “comedy and/or musical?”

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