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Monday Links: Yule Love These Links Edition

See that pun?  Yeah, I’m sorry.

Sonic Retro News

  • Tech Member Techokami has created a tool that rips level maps for the Rush games, including Sonic Colors for the DS.  Watch how my amazing template is proven correct.  Seriously, these level designs are super boring.  [Sonic Rush Level Maps]
  • Techokami was on a roll last week, I guess.  He uncovered some unused sound files while he was hacking Sonic Colors for the Wii.  We’ll post them if and when they are released.  [Colours Hacking]
  • doc eggfan’s Sonic 2 LD is entering Chemical Plant.  [Sonic 2 LD]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • SEGA is dropping prices again with their Mega Holiday Sale!  After prices were lowered permanently, these sale prices are ridiculous, so hit these deals up.  Until the sales pay us to take the games, though, we’re not touching that Sonic Adventure port.  So terrible.  [SEGA Blogs]
  • Platinum Games, the only developer that SEGA has that’s any good, is sticking around.  [Xbox Addict]
  • Iizuka blames all of his problems on something besides himself once more.  This time, on America.  Remember Shadow the Hedgehog?  Yeah, America’s fault.  Yeah.  [The Sonic Stadium]

Other Stuff

  • Have you ever wished to put the Benny Hill theme on your favorite YouTube video?  Well, your wish has come true.  Where’s Sonic 65?  He’ll love this tool to use on Wetflame’s vlogs.  [Benny Hillifier]
  • The greatest protest signs ever made.  [The Chive]

Monday Video

Technotronic’s PUMP UP THE JAM.  I wish music videos still looked like this.  So ridiculous.  BBL, playing NBA Jam.

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