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Sonic 1 badniks re-imagined in Spore

Tired of the paper mache look of Sonic 4‘s Motobug? Looking for something a bit more metallic? PsuedoHedgehog proves that there’s a use for Spore other than making Unidickorns—namely, recreating the Sonic 1 badnik cast with a coating of metal and badass.

Check out the full set after the jump.

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    This is too damn cool!

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    Dang that’s awesome. 😀 

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    Sega, take note!

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    This adaptation is very cool. The producers of Ashura Dark Reign were able to put these badniks in their games because they are asking fans to badniks drawings done by them or who would like to enter the game.

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    That doesn’t look metallic. That looks like it’s made of playdo.

    But impressive nonetheless.

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    Wow! People are really creative. It’s good to see that people are still playing spore too XD But next, we need to see Sonic and the crew, and Robotnik!

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    These look more plushlike than metallic.

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